Year 6 Leavers’ Events and Information

Dear Year 6 Parents,


To say it has been a challenging year would be a significant understatement though due to their hard work and the support from our Year 6 staff team, our Year 6 pupils have had a successful year and are ready for the next phase of their education.


We are looking forward to marking their last week with us in a number of ways spread across their last few days.



  • Y6 Hoodies will be with us over the course of the next week
  • Wednesday 14th: Campfire Cooking
  • Thursday 15th: Festival in a Field
  • Friday 16th: Leavers’ Assembly available on line, own clothes day and signing polo shirts.


The Year 6 Leavers’ Hoodies will be with us next week and will be a lasting memento for the children. Our thanks go to the Friends of St. Gabriel’s for organising and paying for these as gifts for our leavers.


Next Wednesday, Mrs de Lima (our fire trained member of staff), Mrs Broadfield and Mrs Waugh will be holding a campfire cooking session for Year 6 to enjoy. They have been looking forward to developing their survival skills they have worked on during their Forest School sessions.


On Thursday we have a ‘Festival on the Field’ planned for Year 6 along with Mrs Waugh and Mrs Broadfield supporting the event. We will have a couple of decorated tents, an outdoor film and snacks along with games and activities. This will run from 2:30pm to 4:30pm on our field. If the weather is not on our side we have plans to transfer inside though keep your fingers crossed for no rain! This is being co-funded between St. Gabriel’s and the Friends of St. Gabriel’s – though if you could support with a small donation, this would be appreciated. Please see your ParentPay account for details.

PLEASE NOTE: As the Thursday ‘Festival’ event continues until 4:30pm which is after regular school dismissal arrangements, we need you to confirm via this form (which will also be texted to you) whether your child will be picked up or whether you give permission to walk home.


On Friday (barring any technical hitches) we should have the Leavers’ Assembly ready for you to view on our website. We will text you with the link once it is up and running. Also, on Friday, if your child would like to bring in a uniform polo shirt, they will be able to get it signed within their contact group. Friday will be a non-uniform day for the whole school.


Yours sincerely,

Mrs Harris


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