Dosbarth Rhaglan: Blended Learning 22/02/21


Everyday activities

Giglets: Use your logins to read through books we have assigned and activities we have set.

Spelling Shed: Use your logins and enjoy some fun spelling games.


Placing Numbers on a Number Line – Tablet Version – Mathsframe Click on the link and choose a number line to practise placing numbers on to. Start low and then move on to the move difficult umbers when you are ready.

–           Click on to the flag and move along to where you think the number should go.

Weekly Focus learning

Language Literacy Communication:

–           Tiddler by Julia Donaldson– Why was Tiddler late today? What other excuses could he use?

–           Write a letter to Tiddler’s teacher explaining why he’s late.

–           Choose a sea creature to research ready for our poetry days in class.

–           Poetry – Under the Sea

–           Describing creatures using adjectives, adverbs and expanded nouns

–           Acrostic poems and shape poems

–           Jellyfish by Michael Rosen

Mathematical Development:

–           Continue to count forwards and backwards in 10s bridging 100 e.g. 84, 94, 104, 114, 124 …

–           Solve word problems

–           Read and write words to 100.

–           Recognise half and quarter turns, clockwise and anti-clockwise

Religious Education -Thanksgiving (Eucharist)

–           Understand the Eucharistic Prayer

–           Describe some actions and symbols and describe some ways in which religion is lived out by believers by exploring The Holy Communion.

–           Mark the start of Lent by watching our Staff Assembly about Ash Wednesday and it’s importance.


–           Learn about underwater animals to create a fact file e.g. what they eat, their habitat, where they live.

–           Explore and identify key features on a map. Link with maths learning about direction.


–           Sut wyt ti? Sut mae’r tywydd heddiw? Beth yw’y dyddiad? Getting back into our daily morning routines using these Welsh questions.

Creative Arts

–           Explore and experiment with a variety of techniques and materials. Make sea creatures and coral to add to display in the classroom.


Extend the learning


Make ‘Tiddler’ his own map for getting to school. Think about what features he would have on his map living at the bottom of the sea. Use the direction language (forwards, backwards, turn, right, left, clockwise, anti-clockwise) to direct him from his home to school…without being late! Don’t forget to include a key to describe what each object/drawing represents.


Investigate floating and sinking. How do fishing boats stay afloat? What materials and shapes are the best to use when designing a boat?

RE – Thanksgiving ‘End of topic’

Look through the family photograph album to help the children remember important events and special people in their lives. Discuss how we come together for special celebrations.

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