Dosbarth Coch: Blended Learning 18.01.21


Daily Activities


Weekly Focus Learning


Over the next few weeks our literacy focus is the story ‘The Runaway Train’. Listen to the story on Seesaw or read the short version attached.

WALT: Describe the train.

  • Draw a picture of the train and write words to describe what it looks like.
  • Using your describing words write sentences to describe the train. ‘The train is…’


WALT: Sequence a set of numbers.

  • Order a set of numbers from smallest to biggest.
  • Order a set of random numbers. Which one is next? How do you know?


This week in RE, we are continuing to focus on the local church and celebrating.

WALT: Recognise signs and symbols in our local church.

  • Children to look carefully at the photographs and label the symbols you can see.
  • Learn the ‘Our Father’ prayer.


WALT: Sort transport into groups.

Find as many different ways to sort transport into 2 groups. What do some transport have the same?  What makes some types of transport different?


Extended learning

  • Create your own runaway train.

Here is a link to more creative ideas to make a train:

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