Dosbarth Cas-Gwent: Blended Learning 25.01.21


Everyday activities


Weekly Focus learning

Language Literacy Communication

Fiction – Adventure Writing

Where would you go on an adventure with a snowman

Share the story of Raymond Briggs ‘The Snowman’

The Snowman (1982) HD – YouTube

World Storytelling week

Share a story a day and talk about what’s happened ? what did you enjoy most?

Daily practise of tricky words – I, he, was, my, a, me, said, before, because, all, be, looked, they, there, are, some, have, little, asked, could, come, some.

Mathematical Development –

– Recite numbers up to 100, forwards and backwards and from different starting points

– forwards (bridging the decade) e.g. 48, 49, 50, 51, 52

– backwards (within the decade)  e.g. 68, 67, 66, 65

Consolidate counting forwards and backwards in 10s to 100 and in 5s to at least 20

Using a counting back strategy

Use ‘counting back’ strategies to mentally solve problems within 10

e.g. 8-3 using fingers to keep track of the count

Religious Education

Recognise the story of the presentation of Jesus [Luke 2]

Begin to understand why Mass is important and who is special in Mass.

Ten, Ten: – Religious Understanding The Prodigal Son story to show children that God loves us, and nothing we can do will stop Him from loving us


Extend the learning

Well -being and health

Looking at how it feels when playing in the snow.

Sharing favourite stories with an adult

Expressive Arts

Make tree decorations.

Make snow pictures.

Build a snowman.


Understand where we live and traditional foods of Wales and key places of interest.

Science and Technology

Looking at hot and cold

Look at how ice/ snow can change into water.

Planting peas – experiment [ongoing over the next weeks]

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