Dosbarth Cas-Gwent: Blended Learning 18.01.21


Everyday activities


Weekly Focus learning

Language Literacy Communication

Non- Fiction – Instruction Writing

Write a list of fruit you would use in a fruit salad.

Make a list of ingredients, look at recipes of how to make Welsh cakes, make shopping list.

Look at bossy verb and identify the best Bossy verbs to use.

Daily practise of tricky words – I, he, was, my, a, me, said, before, because, all, be, looked, they, there, are, some, have.

Mathematical Development – Find totals up to 10p and use different combinations of money to pay.

e.g. 8p = 5p + 1p +1p +1p

8p = 5p + 2p + 1p

Pay for items up to 20p by anchoring on 10p and pennies

e.g. 15p = 10p and 5 pennies

Pay for items up to 20p by anchoring on 10p and pennies

e.g. 15p = 10p and 5 pennies

Use standard units of time to read ‘o’clock’ using both analogue and 12-hour digital clocks

Religious Education

Recognise the importance of a special place and special people.

Recognise important Biblical stories about special people.

Recognise special people and their roles within St Gabriel’s school and Church.

Ten, Ten: – Religious Understanding The Prodigal Son story to show children that God loves us, and nothing we can do will stop Him from loving us

Look at likes and dislikes and how to keep yourself safe Kids Yoga

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