Dosbarth Caernarfon: Blended Learning 25.01.21


Task 1: Reading

  • Giglets – Read the books I have allocated you. Complete the HOTS and Reading Test tasks.

Task 2: Spelling

Go onto ‘Spelling Shed’ and practise the spellings set for you.

Task 3: Mental Maths

Play ‘Hit the Button’ on the Top Marks website and practise doubling and halving:



  1. Find the median and mode. Look at the sheets I’ve included to help you understand what this means.
  2. Complete the multiplication and division problems. Can you use the chunking method to sole the division sums?
  3. Learn to use negative numbers to solve the problem sheet.
  4. Crete a frequency table and interpret the results.


  1. Our class book is ‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’. It would be great if you could get a copy for yourself to read.  If not, I am uploading the chapters each week on Seesaw.  There’s also a film on Netflix that you could watch.
  2. Create a video of your explanation writing. Include a diagram of how the aeroplanes can fly including the forces and parts of the aeroplane.
  3. Complete the comprehension activity.


Read the sheet in the pack for instructions for this activity.


Conduct your investigation!  I’ve included a sheet with instructions on how to do this plus the table you need to record your results.  Have fun!


Task 1: PE

Learn the different strokes used in tennis.  Why do tennis players use different strokes?  What are the benefits?  If you have a racket, practise them.  Watch tennis players using the strokes on YouTube.

Task 2: Project

Continue with your research into the person you chose who broke boundaries and improved the world for humans and other animals.

Task 3: Design Technology

I’ve included worksheets for you to test different trusses used to support the decks on bridges.  Test them using pasta if you do not have weights at home.

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