Dosbarth Caerffili: Blended Learning 22/02/21


Task 1 – Reading and Comprehension Daily Reading

Sign in Record Book

Task 2 – Spelling & Handwriting

Practice spelling 10 words from the handwriting & spelling sheets. Think about the letter formation and presentation of writing.

&/OR Spellings Shed

You have allocated lists to learn and games to play. Groups have been updates. How many points can you score?

Task 3 Maths Top Mark Subject= 16&AgeGroup=3

Select one of the options to play.

Task 3 – Mathematics Timetables



We are completing our Persuasive Letter writing this week. Children are going to write a letter to the Chair of Governors requesting change to become a leading sector school as a Green School and reducing our Carbon Footprint.  Children will start to learn techniques to help develop the effectiveness of their persuasive writing – Alliteration, Facts, Opinions, Repetition, Rhetorical Questions, Emotion, Exaggeration, Statistics and Rule of Three.


Dosbarth Caerffili will be focusing on decimals for the next couple of weeks.

  1. Use the bead bar (range 0 – 1) to illustrate the connection between tenths and hundredths. In the range 0 – 1, the value of one bead is one hundredth so:
  2. 2.100 hundredths is 1 unit (1.0)        10 hundredths is 1 tenth (0.1)          20 hundredths is 2 tenths (0.2)          25 hundredths is 0.25
  3. 3.Position 2 place decimals on bead bar/number line within range 0-1 e.g. place O.45 and 0.67 on the bead bar
  4. 4.Order 2 place decimals within 1 placing largest or smallest first  e.g. 0.71, 0.75, 0.70, 0.17, 0.07


We will be continuing with the Topic Memorial and Sacrifice. – Children will be provided the opportunity to remember

–           Something about the proclamation of the mystery of faith.

–           Eucharistic prayer II which remembers and thanks Jesus.

–           About sacrifice in daily life.

RE Activities will also include:

Ash Wednesday Service created for 17th February and writing their Lenten Promises,

Lent Service – developing their understanding of Lent and why it is so important to Christians.

Launch Worship for our new Value and Virtue, ‘Attentive & Discerning’

Virtual Charity work on Friday for Lent.

Godly Play – The Good Shepherd


We are continuing to focus on ‘Our Incredible Planet’. This week we will be learning to draw different types of maps including the use of keys. Also, you will be able to explore another continent and you can do this collaboratively with one or more in Dosbarth Caerffili on Hwb.


Task 1 – Geography

  1. Create a 3D Map of a place of your choice. Local, a Country, or even a continent.

Task 2 – RE – Painting

Create a painting of sacrifices people make every day, especially at the moment during the pandemic. NHS, Key Workers and Parents. What are we missing? Who are we missing?

Task 3 – Literacy

Write a poem about your favorite place in the world.

It could be at home with your family, in school with your friends or even on holiday. It can be wherever you like!

What can you hear, see and touch? Why is it so special?

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