Dosbarth Caerffili: Blended Learning 18.01.21


Task 1 – Reading and Comprehension

Daily  Reading

Sign in Record Book

Task 2 – Spelling & Handwriting

Practice spelling 10 words from the handwriting & spelling sheets. Think about the letter formation and presentation of writing.


Spellings Shed

You have allocated lists to learn and games to play. Groups have been updates. How many points can you score?

Task 3 Maths NHM Worksheet

Complete a maximum of one page in the morning as a warm-up exercise


Top Mark Subject= 16&AgeGroup=3

Select one of the options to play.

Task 3 – Mathematics


Practice your 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 times tables You can use Warm up videos.



We will be completing our first genre this term, creating non-fiction newspaper reports for a natural disaster such as an earthquake, volcano erupting or flash Flooding. We will be focusing on key features of News articles and replicating in our own writing. During the second week of this Blended Learning menu we will begin our next genre, Persuasive Letter Writing. We will be focusing on writing letters to key figures about becoming an Eco-friendly institution.


We will be continuing with our understanding of Division using the Chunking Line Method and Vertical Chunking Method. Children will also be solving word problems and reasoning activities linked to division.

We will then start Fractions. We will start with the conversion of 1-place decimals to Fractions and vice versa. For example 4/10 = 0.4, 2.4 = 24/10 and     1.4 = 14/10.

Followed by addition and subtraction of fractions with the same denominator. For example, 4/8 + 3/8 =

There will be step-by-step lessons and video guides to support you during this Home Learning time.


We will be continuing with Our first Topic this term is Local Church Community – Over the next two weeks children will be given the opportunity  to cover;

  • What a diocese is and its mission.
  • The role of the bishops as successors of the apostles in continuing Jesus’ mission.
  • Jesus’ prayer for unity.
  • Other Christian communities.


We are continuing to focus on ‘Our Incredible Planet’. We have started to explore Europe and the Natural Environment such as Earthquakes, Volcanoes. We will continue to read the Earth Heroes book and complete comprehensions exercises throughout the week. We will be to looking at Climate and how it differs from our Weather as well as exploring the options below.

The Seven New Wonders of the World, The Natural World – Weather  and climate, biomes, mountains, volcanoes, Earthquakes, Oceans, Rivers, Tsunami. The Seven Wonders of the Ocean – The Great Barrier Reef, Palau, Belize Barrier Reef,. Deep-Sea Vents. Galápagos Islands, Republic of Ecuador. Lake Baikal, Russia.


Task 1 – Humanities

Select a landmark from you chosen European country and make a model of it. For example, recreate the Eiffel Tower in Paris using Cocktail Sticks Or make the Colosseum in Rome using recycled materials and paper mache.

Task 2 –  Culture Art – Painting or Sculpture

Using Pixilart create an animation about you chosen European Country. It could be the building of a famous building or portrait of a Famous Person.

Task 3 – Literacy, Expressive Arts & History

Research the life and works of an Earth Hero – Select one of the figures who you have learnt about over the last 2/3 weeks who has tried to save our Incredible Planet. Such Greta Thunberg, Mohammed Rezwan, Stella McCartney, Rok Rozman, Doug Smith, Amelia Telford and many more to come.

Present this information in whatever form you like. PowerPoint Presentation. Video Presentation. Artwork.

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