Blended Learning Menu: Dosbarth Coch | 13-11-2020


Daily Activities

  • Practise Jolly Phonics sounds

  • Practise letter formation.
  • Practise CVC spellings on
  • To log on to and explore the books assigned.
  • Recognise numbers to 10

  • Practise number formation to 10.
  • Counting in 2s to 10/20 and in 10s to 100.



Weekly Focus Learning


  • Over the next few weeks our literacy focus is the story Lost and Found.


  • This fortnight in maths we are focusing on adding 1 more and taking 1 away within 10.


  • This fortnight in RE, we are focusing on other religions, Judaism and Islam and the symbols of each religion.


Over the next few weeks we are exploring Antarctica, comparing it to Wales. What is the same and what is different. We are also looking at how ice is formed.



Extended learning

  • Using the Seesaw app, draw a picture of the boy and the penguin. Record what you remember from the story.
  • Imagine you are going on a frozen adventure. What clothes/items would you need to pack? Using the suitcase template on Seesaw activities or your own, draw and label the items you would take.
  • Make an igloo. Be as creative as you like. It can be a small igloo using Lego or blocks, or a huge igloo using boxes.

Recent News & Learning

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