Blended Learning Menu: Dosbarth Coch | Weeks 12 & 13


Daily Activities



Weekly Focus Learning


  • Over the next few weeks our literacy focus is writing facts about penguins where we will be describing penguins.


  • This fortnight in maths we are focusing on adding two groups of objects to find out how many there are altogether. Then taking away objects to find out how many are left, within 10.


  • This fortnight in RE, we are focusing on Advent. We will be looking at how we prepare for our birthdays and how we prepare for Jesus’ birthday.


Over the next few weeks we are exploring Antarctica, comparing it to Wales. We will be describing and comparing temperature as well as looking at ice and what makes it melt.



Extended learning

  • Research facts about penguins. Write down or record on Seesaw two of your favourite facts to share with the class.
  • Create your favourite Polar animal. It can be made from anything that you like. Here are some ideas to help you.
  • Read or watch the Story of the First Christmas. Talk about what happens in the story.

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