Blended Learning Menu: Dosbarth Cas-Gwent | Weeks 12 & 13


Everyday activities
Use your logins and enjoy activities assigned.
Use your logins and enjoy some fun

Practise Phase 5 sounds and Tricky words – see seesaw for interactive flash cards
Use top marks maths to practise, counting, ordering and adding and subtraction games



Weekly Focus learning

Language Literacy Communication
Language Literacy Communication – Share the story pf Rama and Sita
Talk about the story and the key events that happen. Sequencing the story and write a recount of the story.

Mathematical Development – Recite number sequences up to 50, forwards and backwards and from different starting points. Pay particular attention to:

  • the teens numbers e.g. 12, 13, 14, 15
  • bridging the decade e.g. 28, 29, 30, 31

number after/number before.
Use the language of early multiplication when making equal groups using counters and dot cards.
e.g. arrange 12 counters in 3s
Introduce early notions of doubling when making two equal groups.
e.g. put the same number of spots on the ladybird’s wings

Religious Education
We are beginning the topic of waiting and preparing for the birth of our lord Jesus Christ.
Share the Christmas story with your child.
Make an advent promise and make an advent calendar.



Extend the learning
Here are the Tweeter-Bye’s and they’re helping us to understand the world be live in. Check Seesaw daily to see where they’ve been.

The Tweeter-Bye’s are in Africa, research what animals live in Africa, are any endangered? Make an animal fact file.
Make a painting of a wild African animal.
We will be visiting India, find India on a world map.

We also visiting India. Look at Diwali pattern make a pattern of your own.
Make Lanterns that would be used in the festival of lights

Encourage your child to move to music

Encourage your child to learn the oceans song –

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