Blended Learning Menu: Dosbarth Caernarfon | Weeks 12 & 13


Task 1: Reading

  • Read your Home Reading book. Answer these comprehension questions with your grown-up:
  • Who are the main characters?
  • From whose point of view is the story told?
  • Can you think of another story character similar to a character in this book?
  • How has the author use description to show how the character feels?
  • Who would you recommend this book to?
  • Make sure your grown-up signs your Home Reading book and bring it in on Fridays for me to sign.
  • Giglets – Read the books I have allocated you. Complete the HOTS and Reading Test tasks.

Task 2: Spelling
Go onto ‘Spelling Shed’ and practise the spellings set for you.

Task 3: Mental Maths
Play ‘Hit the Button’ on the Top Marks website:
Practise your mental maths test target ready for Friday’s test.



We will be revising multiplication and division up to two decimal places using formal written methods. Once these methods are secure, we will use them to solve words problems and then apply the inverse operation check our answers.

We are going to be studying and comparing the poems ‘Leisure’ by the Newport poet W.H. Davies and ‘What Life Should Be’ by Pat A. Fleming to complete our project ‘I Am Who I Am!’ We then start to read an abridged version of Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ and will begin re-writing it into a playscript for our Christmas performance. Think about which character you’d like to play and start thinking of costumes you could wear.

We are going to be considering our own expectations of the season of Advent and how it prepares us for the second coming of Jesus Christ. We will be studying scripture to help us to understand this season and its meaning for Christians.



Task 1: English
Write a poem about your local area. Use ‘Leisure’ by W.H. Davies as your inspiration. Include local landmarks and favourite places that are often overlooked or forgotten about because of how busy our lives can be.

Task 2: Project
Research your street and local area. What is the history of your local area? Why does your street have its name? Who lived in you house 100 years ago? Was it built? If not, what was the land used for? Can you find any maps or photographs to help you?

Task 3: Art
Research why family crests were created. Design your own family crest. Use your research from the last homework on your family tree to help you. Does your surname already have a crest? Could you incorporate it into a new one? What things are important to you and your family that need to be included on your family crest? Which colours will you use and why? You can create this on paper or create a crest using cardboard or clay and make it 3D. Bring it into school with your family tree to be displayed in our classroom.

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