Blended Learning Menu – Dosbarth Caerffili | 13-11-2020


Task 1 – Reading and Comprehension

Daily  Reading
Sign in Record Book

You have been allocated a selection of books to read.

Task 2 – Spelling

Spelling Shed
You have allocated lists to learn and games to play. How many points can you score?

Task 3 – Mathematics

Practice your 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 times tables

Top Mark

Select one of the options to play.




Task 1 – Science & Technology
Make a form of transport for example a Car or Rocket. Make your form of transport with consideration into shape that are more aerodynamic so that it reduces air resistance so that it will travel further and quicker.

Task 2 – Literacy, Expressive Arts & History
Watch BBC Bitesize True Stories–ks2-true-stories/z72wpg8

Create a rap or performance about the life and works of a Significant person in History.

Task 3 – Religion
Create a prayer for married people, asking God for his strength and guidance. Incorporate the prayer into a wedding card you have designed.



Task 1 – Art
Create a portrait of a family member using whatever media you would like to use. Two or three dimensional.

Task 2 – Geography & Mathematics
Imagine you are going on a journey around in the United Kingdom. Draw  map of the UK labelling with Key Cities.

Create your journey to 5 or so places you would like to go. For example, Edinburgh Castle, Harry Potter World, Snowdonia, Chester Zoo, St. Ives.  Calculate how far you travel.

Task 3 Welsh
Create a text message conversation o a family member about a place you would like to go with them after lockdown.

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