Blended Learning Menu: Dosbarth Caerdydd | Weeks 12 & 13


Daily Activities

Task 1 – Reading and Comprehension

Daily  Reading
Read daily at home with an adult. Keep record of this by signing your reading record. Remember to put your reading gem in the pot!

You have a selection of books to read in your library. Have a go at answering the questions based on these texts.

Task 2 – Spelling

Spelling Shed
You have allocated lists to learn and games to play. How many points can you score?

Task 3 – Mathematics

Maths Targets
Practice your weekly maths target at home. You might want to use the website Top Marks Maths to help you.



Our learning focus

Task 1 – Mathematics

  • In Maths we will be learning about line graphs. Here is a line graph.
  • We will record the length of a puddle over the period of the day and display in a line graph.
  • In science we will be investigating the effect of light on plant growth. We will be planting cress and recording their growth over a period of time. We will display this data in a line graph.

Task 2 – Literacy

  • We will continue researching the effects of de-forestation. We will be writing a persuasive re-port explaining why we should stop the defor-estation of the rainforest. Our writing will aim to persuade people to stop deforestation. We will use rhetorical questions and cause and ef-fect connectives.

Task 3 – RE

  • We will starting our new topic which is ‘Advent – Giving’



Extended learning

Task 1 – Expressive Arts and Geography.

Watch this video of the Amazon rainforest. Listen to the sounds that you can hear. Create a musical piece inspired by the sounds you can hear. You might want to make musical instruments using recycled materials. E.g. rice in a water bottle.

Task 2 – Geography & Technology

Find out about products which come from the Rainforest. Identify what they are used for and who uses them. Which of these products do you use in your home? How far have these products had to travel for you to use them? Present your findings on a fact sheet.

Task 3 – Science

Pick one rainforest animal and describe how that animal is adapted to life in a rainforest.

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