Blended Learning: Dosbarth Cas-Gwent 04/01/21


Everyday activities


Weekly Focus learning

Language Literacy Communication – Share the story Oliver’s fruit salad

Write a list of fruit you would use in a fruit salad.

Make a fruit salad and make a video about how to make a fruit salad and put it on seesaw.

Mathematical Development –

Recite number sequences up to 50, forwards and backwards and from different starting points. Pay particular attention to:

  • the teens numbers e.g. 12, 13, 14, 15
  • bridging the decade e.g. 28, 29, 30, 31

number after/number before –

Read and write numbers to at least 20, forming and orientating them correctly.

Order a sequence of numbers within 30 using a set of number cards, focusing on:

  • number after/before
  • 1 or 2 more/less than

Use non-standard units to measure capacity

Religious Education

Recognise the importance of Epiphany [6th January]

Make Three Kings Puppets to retell the story of Epiphany, or dress up as the Three Kings and put on an Epiphany Play

I love these cardboard tube kings crowns, perfect for decorating


Extend the learning

Look at different types of foods and sort into likes and dislikes.

Make a video of why you like certain foods and dislike other types of fruits.

Cosmic Kids yoga

Using a picture of fruit, or your own bowl of fruit at home, make a painting or drawing of  it

Here are some new songs we’re going to be learning this term. Have a listen and enjoy.

Enjoy some funs science experiments.

Create a colourful and fizzy reaction by adding a drop of food colouring and a little baking soda to a sliced lemon.

Dish soap, pepper, a toothpick, and a little bit of water are all kids need to feel like science wizards. Watch a little drop of soap chase pepper away in the Pepper & Soap Experiment

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