Blended Learning: Dosbarth Caerffili 04/01/21


Task 1 – Reading and Comprehension

Daily  Reading

Sign in Record Book

Giglets – You have been allocated a selection of books to read.

Task 2 – Spelling Shed

You have allocated lists to learn and games to play. How many points can you score?

Task 3 – Mathematics


Practice your 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 times tables

Top Mark

Select one of the options to play.



Our first genre this term will be creating non-fiction newspaper reports for a natural disaster such as an earthquake, volcano erupting or flash Flooding. We will be focusing on key features of News articles and replicating in our own writing.


We are beginning this term continuing to develop out understanding of multiplication using the grid method, extended and compact method. Children will also be solving word problems and reasoning activities. We will also be continuing with 2d and 3d shape.


Our first Topic this term is Local Church Community – Over the next two weeks children will be given the opportunity  to cover;

  • Jesus started his mission, reading from Isaiah.
  • The apostles share Jesus’ mission.
  • The call of Levi.
  • How people carry out Jesus’ mission today.


Our new topic this term will be focusing on ‘Our Incredible Planet’. We will begin to explore the continents, countries, cultures, languages, cultural dress, Education, Food etc

The Seven New Wonders of the World, The Natural World – Weather  and climate, biomes, mountains, volcanoes, Earthquakes, Oceans, Rivers, Tsunami,

The Seven Wonders of the Ocean – The Great Barrier Reef, Palau, Belize Barrier Reef,. Deep-Sea Vents. Galápagos Islands, Republic of Ecuador. Lake Baikal, Russia.


Task 1 – Humanities

Research a Country of your choice – Find as much information as you can and present in an exciting way. Fact file, Artwork, 3d models,

You can explore the cities, landmarks, history, population, languages, culture, weather, mountain ranges, rivers, forests, industry etc

Task 2 –  Culture Art – Painting or Sculpture

Create artwork based around a culture for example – African Art, Indian Art, Aboriginal Art, Japanese, Chinese, Native American etc.

Task 3 – Literacy, Expressive Arts & History

Create a Poem or writing piece about the life and works of an Earth Hero – Reading will be uploaded each day on a different figures who has tried to save our Inc Countries, Languages, Cultures, Dress, Education, Food etc Incredible Planet. Greta Thunberg, Sir David Attenborough etc.

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