Year 3 Update 22.11.21

Dear Parent/Carer,

At the time of writing this we have had 12 cases in the Year 3 contact group – both staff and pupils – over the last 14 days. I’m pleased to say that we have not had notification of any further positives for the last 48 hours.

I want to reassure you that we are taking this very seriously. As a school, since half term, our risk assessment measures were already running at the ‘very high risk’ level. This includes (though not exhaustively) the use of contact groups throughout the day, one way systems, scheduled hand cleansing and the regular wiping down of tables.

However, since the increase in the cases within the Y3 contact group, we have added further mitigation measures within the contact group also. These include:

  • Pupils sitting in rows so all facing forward
  • If communal class resources are used e.g. paintbrushes, they are individually cleaned with antibacterial wipes or spray after their use
  • Wherever possible, everyday Year 3 communal class resources are currently allocated on an individual basis
  • Each pupil has their own individual colouring materials (this is in addition to the writing materials that were already in their pack)
  • Each pupil has their own labelled chair.
  • Deep clean for the classroom undertaken prior to school on 22.11.21

Though we hope that there will be no further cases in the Year 3 contact group, I want to reassure you that we will continue to be vigilant and do all we can to provide the safest possible environment for our school community.

If you need any support or further information, please do get in touch.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Maria Harris


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