Dosbarth Rhaglan: Blended Learning 25.01.21


Everyday activities

  •  Giglets – Use your logins to read through books we have assigned and activities we have set.
  • Spelling Shed – Use your logins and enjoy some fun spelling games.


  • Practise using money at home e.g. counting different amounts, using 10p coins to practise counting in 10s, finding different ways of making 20p, giving change from 20, 50p and £1.
  • Play ‘Hit the button’ on Top Marks


Weekly Focus learning

Language Literacy Communication:

  • Explore the books by Anthony Browne, in particular The Tunnel
  • Predict what happens in the story
  • Compare different books by Anthony Browne – The Magic Mirror
  • Plan and write a character description

Mathematical Development:

  • Counting up and down in 2s and 10s
  • Adding multiples of ten to 2 digit numbers using a 100 square e.g. 54 + 10, 54 + 20. 54 – 10
  • Adding and taking away numbers using partitioning
  • Adding and taking away numbers by jumping along the number line
  • Find a small difference between two numbers by counting on

Religious Education

  • Local Church – Share our special books and objects from last week.
  • Retelling and sequencing stories in the Bible (Noah’s Ark) and linking them to our Values and Virtues.


  • Identify some plants that live in the outdoor environment (RSPB Garden Bird Watch)

Creative Arts

  • Chn will be reflecting on their artwork (by drawing garden birds) – RSPB Garden Bird Watch


  • Repeating sequences of gym on the floor (life cycles of animals)


  • Ask and answer simple questions – Wyt ti’n hoffi? Revise wyt ti’n hoffi using nouns. Pam?
  • Use graphs to ask Sawl un?


Extend the learning

Expressive Arts

Research and share favourite Andy Goldsworthy picture.


Get up, get out and get wild (RSPB Wild Challenge

Expressive arts – Design Technology

Make a recycled bird puppet (using origami, a sock or a lollipop stick and card)

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