Dosbarth Caernarfon: Blended Learning 22/2/21


Task 1: Reading

Giglets – Read the books I have allocated you.  Complete the task I have given you.

Task 2: Spelling

Go onto ‘Spelling Shed’ and practise the spellings set for you.

Task 3: Mental Maths

Play ‘Hit the Button’ on the Top Marks website and practise mixed multiplication and division facts every day to help you with this week’s maths:



  1. Use the short method of division to complete sums.Watch my video on our class Seesaw journal on Monday to help you.
  2. Multiply using the ‘Grid’ method.Watch my video on our class Seesaw journal on Wednesday to help you.
  3. Multiply whole numbers by a multiple of 10.Watch my video on our class Seesaw journal on Thursday to help you.
  4. Round numbers to the nearest 10/100/1000.Watch my video on our class Seesaw journal on Friday to help you.


  1. Our class book is still ‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’.It would be great if you could get a copy for yourself to read.  If not, I am uploading the chapters each week on Seesaw.  There’s also a film on Netflix that you could watch.
  2. Our new genre this term is myths and legends.Identify the features of the myth I have included.  Use the features list to find them.
  3. Explain the lessons being taught in Theseus and the Minotaur.You can write this or record a video of yourself explaining them and send it to my email or upload it to Seesaw.
  4. Complete the reading comprehension.


Read the sheet in the pack for instructions for this activity.


Conduct your investigation to find out how the length of wings affects how fast a paper helicopter spinner falls.  Use the question sheet to help you to write the conclusion.


Task 1: PE

Set yourself a fitness challenge.  Choose 5 exercises such as squats, press-ups, sit-ups, star jumps and high knees and see how many repetitions you can complete.  Repeat each day and record your progress.

Task 2: Expressive Arts

Research Ancient Greek statues.  Why were they made?  What were they made of?  Do any still exist?  Who were they made of?  Create an information sheet to inform others of your knowledge.


Research Ancient Greek music.  What instruments did they use?  When did they play music?  Were there different styles of music?  What do you think about the music? Create an information sheet to inform others of your knowledge.

Task 3: Humanities

Research inventions from Ancient Greece.  Identify how our modern day life is influenced by Ancient Greece.  Are there inventions that we still use today or one that we have developed?  Create an information sheet to inform others of your knowledge.

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