Blended Learning Menu: Dosbarth Rhaglan | Weeks 12 & 13


Everyday activities

  • Use your logins to read through books we have assigned and activities we have set.
  • Use your logins and enjoy some fun spelling games.


  • Count forwards and backwards in 10s within 100 and then beyond, on the decade e.g. 70, 80, 90, 100, 110
  • Count forwards and backwards in 10s within 100 and then beyond, off the decade e.g. 32, 42, 52, 62…
  • Use the following website to help if needed: Then click on ‘Play game’, ‘1-100’.



Weekly Focus learning
Language Literacy Communication
We will be exploring ‘Meerkat Mail’ by Emily Gravett further before learning and exploring information texts about Meerkats.

Meerkat Mail

  • Writing postcards from Sunny (the meerkat in Meerkat Mail)
  • Organising information from postcards under different headings.

Information Texts

  • Learning an oral report about meerkats
  • Practise using ‘generaliser’ words e.g., usually, many, a few, occasion-ally etc. Record our own reports about an invented animal.

Mathematical Development

  • Read and write number words to 100 (multiples of 10) e.g., ten, twen-ty, thirty, forty
  • Number bond facts – practise bonds within 10: bonds of 6, bonds of 7, bonds of 8, bonds of 9 e.g., if I know 2 + 7 = 9 then I know 9 – 2 = 7
  • Use standard units to measure weight/mass: kilograms or 10-gram weights
  • Gather and record data from pictograms
  • Compare daily temperatures using a thermometer (°C)

Religious Education
– We are beginning the topic of waiting and preparing for the birth of our lord Jesus Christ.
PE – We will explore travelling movements that represent feelings.
Science – We will earn about how animals have adapted to their environment.
Creative – We will use our adaptation knowledge to design an animal.
Welsh – Ask questions about eye and hair colour – Pa liw ydy dy lygaid/wallt di?



Extend the learning
Religious Education

The season of advent begins Sunday 29th November. It is a time to prepare for Christmas and think about how we can ‘be of service’ to others (i.e., Help other people.) Make a list of all the ways you could help others during the time of Advent it might be in school, at home, at a club you go to, in Church etc.

  • Now, try writing your own Advent Promise. It might be to:
  • Share equipment with someone in school;
  • Help someone at home prepare a meal or clean the dishes/stack the dishwasher;
  • Help your younger brother or sister with their homework.

During our project we will be comparing the temperature and weather of Wales compared to the weather in the Kalahari Desert (where Sunny from Meerkat Mail is from). Also learning about temperature in maths.
Keep a weather journal for a whole week. Complete a table like the one below each morning and evening, we will be comparing these in class.

Also, try teaching your grown up at home our daily weather song and get them to join in with you as you explore the weather each day. Send us a video on Seesaw!

Language Literacy Communication:
Choose a cuddly toy to take on ‘tour’. Take photographs of your toy visiting the different places you go e.g. the park, a class you attend, your garden, places you go for a walk. Then write your own postcard(s) as if you are your cuddly toy. You could upload your photos and postcard to SeeSaw.
You might want to write about:

  • where you have been;
  • what the weather was like;
  • what you did whilst you were there;
  • how you felt about it etc.

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