Blended Learning: Dosbarth Rhaglan 04/01/21


Everyday activities

Giglets – Use your logins to read through books we have assigned and activities we have set.

Spelling Shed – Use your logins and enjoy some fun spelling games.



Weekly Focus learning

Language Literacy Communication:


  • Explore a range of poems and compare
  • Use exciting words and phrases
  • Write the next verse


  • Reading and replying to letters about our ‘World in Danger’
  • Looking at features of letters
  • Punctuation

Mathematical Development:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of place value up to 100 (know the value of the hundreds, tens and units)
  • Tell the time to the nearest ‘half past’, ‘quarter past’ and ‘quarter to’ on an analogue clock
  • Record the days of the week, the months and seasons of the year

Religious Education – Local Church – Exploring important books and known stories from the Bible.

Creative  – Exploring different Eco artists such as Marina DeBris and Andy Goldsworthy

PE  – Cosmic Yoga and gymnastic poses.

Science – Researching and finding out about the different materials we can recycle and their different properties.

Welsh – Beth wyt ti’n hoffi wneud?


Extend the learning

Project – The children decided to call our next project ‘Eco’ and we be looking at how we can help to make our community and world a better place. When we are ack in school we shall be having a project launch day and it would be great if children can start thinking about a costume/prop that they could bring in on the day that was made from recycled items.

Project/Geography – Have a look around your local area. Create a map with the following things marked on it: (if relevant)

  • your home, road, pavement, any trees/grass, shops, bus stop, river, street lights.

Language Literacy Communication:

Watch the song ‘World in Danger’ by Frankie Morland.

  • Try and learn the words and even record yourself having a go at singing it.
  • The pictures are beautiful. Choose one of your favourite  images from the video ad have a go at sketching it and colouring it in e.g. the tree or the world.

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