September Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you have all had an enjoyable summer break and that you and your families are well. We are all looking forward to seeing your children again and welcoming them back to school on a full-time basis.

Please note that the school will be closed this week for planning days on –
Tuesday 1st September and Wednesday 2nd September

The school will reopen to Year 1 to Year 6 pupils on Thursday 3rd September with a continuation of the staggered start and finish times that were in place in July.

Reception and Year 3 pupils – 8.45am – 2.45pm
Year 1 and Year 4 pupils – 9am – 3pm
Year 2, Year 5 and Year 6 pupils – 9.15am – 3.15pm

Reception pupils will attend school on EITHER Thursday 3rd September or Friday 4th September and will be informed which group they are in by text. They then will ALL be in school from Monday 7th September in their full classes for 5 days a week.

PLEASE NOTE – To ensure that parents do not have to wait at the school gates for long periods of time, all children in the same family will start and finish school at the EARLIEST allotted time.

For example, if you have a child in Reception and a child in Year 5 then BOTH will come to school for 8.45am – 2.45pm.

Please can we ask that you adhere to the same social distancing guidelines that were in place for the 3 weeks in July by standing by the fence posts which are two metres apart when queueing to drop off or collect your children. We would also ask that only ONE parent comes to minimise the amount of adults at the school gate at the start and end of day, thank you.

We have had very clear guidance from Welsh Government regarding this reopening and I recommend that you read their recent update –

Following the guidance we have received the following measures will be in place from Thursday 3rd September.

– School uniform is to be worn as normal, and a PE kit can be brought to school on the day they have PE, which you will be informed of by the class teacher.
– Please can children bring a packed lunch with them unless they are in receipt of free school meals. You will be able to order a school lunch from MONDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER, but the canteen will only be providing cold lunches until further notice.
– Breakfast Club will be starting on MONDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER.
– Access to the school office will be by appointment only. We encourage you to telephone us if you have any queries during the school day or contact us by text or email.
– The pupils will not be able to bring anything into school with them other than their water bottle and packed lunch. Please do not bring bags or pencil cases to school.
– We will be putting in measures in case we have to revert to distance learning and supporting your children at home as we have done over the past few months, and will inform you of these if they are needed.
– You are probably aware that the guidance on social distancing for primary school children has changed, but we will be continuing with measures to ensure that they remain with their class for as much of the day as possible, and any contact with other children from different classes will be kept to a minimum. Their breaktimes and lunchtimes will be timetabled to minimise any contact although inevitably there will be times where this isn’t possible.
– Enhanced cleaning during the school day will continue to take place and all pupils will be encouraged to continue the existing hygiene measures that are in place such as regular hand-washing and the use of hand sanitiser when outdoors.

Thank you for your continued support and patience,
Mr J Llewellyn
Interim Headteacher

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